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2020 Awards

Read about our Technology Playmaker of the Year 2020, and the full list of the winners below.
Leanne Robers, She Loves Tech Technology Playmaker of the Year 2020

Leanne was recognized for being a tireless agent of change, tackling head on the challenges that reflect the under-representation of women in the technology sector. The judging panel was impressed by her work to bridge the gender gap in technology and eliminate the misconception that “women don’t build good tech startups” through She Loves Tech and a global start-up competition. Her efforts to break down barriers and support women entrepreneurs and startups in their own endeavours have demonstrated outstanding leadership and impact, and the judges were unanimous in their choice.

Leanne Robers

Leanne Robers

Champion of Change

Leanne was recognized for being a tireless advocate and agent of change for her efforts to bridge the gap for women in technology. Through She Loves Tech, a startup accelerator she founded, she has helped more than 2,000 female tech entrepreneurs and women-impact tech start-ups to grow, empowering women in tech to succeed and challenging the status quo in gender diversity in tech.

Leanne Robers

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