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2020 Finalists

Winners have now been announced - please find these on our 2020 Winners page. Read about the award categories and all 2020 finalists below.

The 2020 Awards consisted of 9 award categories, each with a €5,000 prize. Individual winners had the chance to be named the Technology Playmaker of the Year 2020 and win an additional €10,000 prize. Winners could also choose to donate their prize money to a charity of their choice.

Technology Innovator

This award recognized an established female tech professional who has three (and above) years of experience working in the tech industry or an IT-based role. She will be developing, designing, implementing or integrating technology in novel ways, or has driven innovation in her company or organization through new technology. This award will be judged on the originality, creativity and innovative use of technology. A prize of €5,000 will be awarded to the winner.

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